The Difference Engine Initiative

The Difference Engine Initiative is an incubator for people who have been underrepresented in the game design community. I was accepted to the first session, the Ada Lovelace Edition, which focuses on women. I'll be documenting my progress through the 6-week incubator here.

The Ripple Effect of the Difference Engine Initiative

Difference Engine Initiative Ripple Effect

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The Difference Engine Initiative was comprised of two six-week game jams for first-time women developers. The ripple effect of the DEI has been extraordinary, with participants pursuing careers in game development, creating new community initiatives, and making more games. While some of these successes can be considered under the rubric of “Women in Games,” more have been due to the talent and dedication of the participants, the excitement generated by their games, and their leadership skills. The women of the Difference Engine continue to make awesome things happen.

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