Radical Typography

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Typography is a basic tool in the designer's kit, and with good reason. It's affordable, it's graphic, and can be used to express almost anything. In this hands-on workshop, participants are introduced to the principles of graphic design along with new ways of seeing and using type. Riffing on hand techniques like stencilling and tracing, new designers create expressive typographic designs individually and in pairs and learn about supportive approaches towards critiquing each other's work.

Previous presentations:
Allied Media Conference, 2011 (Detroit)
Ste-Emilie Skillshare, 2011 (Montreal)
Radical Design School at OPIRG York, 2011 (Toronto)


One session, between 2 and 2.5 hours

Participants will:
1. Learn about typography as an accessible yet powerful way to communicate visually
2. Be introduced to key graphic design skills
3. Learn new typographic and image-making techniques
4. Apply techniques to the creation of a poster
5. Gain confidence in visual communication
6. Be connected in a shared creative experience

Materials Required:
• no computers required
• pencils
• erasers
• black markers (like Sharpies)
• rulers
• 9x12 tracing paper
• 9x12 sketchbook paper (the kind that you can use paints and ink with)
• brushes
• india ink or black paint
• masking tape
• letter stencils, stamps, transfer lettering

Interested in bringing this workshop to your group? For more information including a full outline, please write to una@unalee.net.