Difference Engine Initiative Visualization

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Difference Engine Initiative Visualization

The Difference Engine Initiative was comprised of two six-week game jams for first-time women developers. The ripple effect of the DEI has been extraordinary, with participants pursuing careers in game development, creating new community initiatives, and making more games. I volunteered to create this visualization to demonstrate the growing impact of feminist game-making initiatives such as the Difference Engine. Click here for high-res version.

Difference Engine Initiative visualization
Difference Engine Initiative visualization
Visualization detail
Visualization detail

The visualization was exhibited at the Feminists in Games workshop in Toronto, where participants including the developers at Bento Box agreed that it would be an important tool in tracking and making a case for the impact of feminist game making initiatives. I'm pleased to announce that I'll be collaborating with Bento to take this visualization from a 2D representation to a dynamic, interactive web application.

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